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Physiotherapy & Kinesiotherapy

Andrea Fratella

The experienced physiotherapist supplements classical functional rehabilitation with holistic techniques of functional osteopathy. In addition to manual and instrumental therapy in the treatment room, rehabilitation treatments can also take place in the thermal water pool.


-Physiotherapy session 

-Physiotherapy in the water - hydrokinesiotherapy
-Physiotherapy in the fitness centre
-Therapeutic massage

-Radial shock wave therapy 

Marzia Ronco
Physiotherapist and kinesiotherapist

The physiotherapist combines thermal water and kinesiotherapy in her rehabilitation approach. Using modern medical equipment with innovative polar therapy and microcurrents, she treats pain, oedema and inflammation associated with various conditions (back pain, neck pain, tendonitis). Particular attention is paid to musculoskeletal, lymphatic and dermatofunctional disorders (scars, diastases).


-Physiotherapeutic examination 

-Individual physiotherapy session (depending on the patient's needs also in the water or in the fitness centre)

-Physiotherapy session + instrumental therapy 

-Physiotherapy + microcurrents (Microlab) 

-Group physiotherapy in the water before/after prosthetic surgery (Thursdays and Mondays at 10am)

-Kinesio tape application 


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