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Our saunas in Merano/Meran: a top recommendation

Relaxation for the body and soul

At our saunas in Merano/Meran, you can arrive, switch off, and relax. The beautifully designed saunas of the Terme Merano offer many loving details which create a harmonious ambience of pure relaxation. Since the remodelling,there is now even more space to feel good. Just ask yourself which of the saunas of the Terme Merano you would like to be the first to discover... you have the choice between six different sauna experiences – both indoors and outdoors. 365 days a year!

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Good to know

Our sauna area in South Tyrol is an "adults only", exclusively nude area, which can be visited by women and men (aged 14 and over) together.

A towel is always required for sauna use.

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South Tyrolean honey steam bath

In our new South Tyrolean honey steam bath, our guests can enjoy a honey infusion and a gentle, but deep-cleansing, honey peeling to relaxing music and the buzzing of the bees. The hexagonal honeycomb cells offer a seat in the steam bath amidst the scent of 100% South Tyrolean honey.

Finnish sauna

There are two Finnish saunas in our sauna area in South Tyrol: a large log cabin sauna outside (for up to 100 people) and a smaller sauna inside.

In the Finnish sauna, the air is dry and hot and the temperature is between 90° C and 100° C. With a humidity of 10%, the body is purified of waste products and the immune system as well as heart and circulation are strengthened.

Steam bath “Passerstein”

This steam bath is ideal for preparing for a sauna session with higher temperatures, e.g. in one of our Finnish saunas. In the steam bath, there is a humidity of 100% and the temperature is between 42° and 45° C. The skin is cleansed, the metabolism stimulated, and the immune system is strengthened. While muscle tensions are loosening, our film of the Passiro/Passer plays (and splashes) on the screen.

South Tyrolean bio hay sauna

Our bio hay sauna is a gentle alternative to the Finnish sauna. The lower temperatures protect the circulation and ensure pleasant relaxation. In the humid, warm air, the essential oils of the hay are released, which have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. For a more realistic meadow experience, a short film takes you into the idyllic mountain world of the surroundings.

Snow room

To cool off after a sauna session, try something unique and instead of going into the cold pool, head to the snow room. Gentle snowflakes fall from the ceiling in front of an atmospheric illuminated picture of a winter forest. The cool temperature of -10° C provides you with the perfect conditions to cool off. This cools the body and improves oxygen saturation in the air you breathe. Please note that the snow room is only suitable for people with a healthy circulation.

Plenty of room for unwinding: the relaxation rooms

After a sauna session, your body needs relaxation – and a lot of rest. Our saunas in Merano/Meran in South Tyrol offer plenty of space for this. Depending on how you prefer to relax, choose among:


  • Relaxation room with starry sky and waterbeds
  • Relaxation room with a view of the outdoor area
  • Reading room
  • Outdoor sun loungers
  • New: indoor relaxation room
  • New: Roof Whirlpool with sun deck
  • New: cosy relaxation niches
  • New: Fire Place in the lounge area


And for the small appetite in between: our new sauna bar serves freshly squeezed juices, teas, fruit, and snacks.

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