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Dermatology and venereology

Dr. Pierfrancesco Zampieri
Specialist in Dermatology and venereology

From 08.04.2009 to 30.06.2023, he was Head of the Dermatology Department at Merano Hospital.

Main skills: Clinical dermatology - Dermatoscopy* - Photodermatology - Dermatological surgery** - Dermatological allergology - Vulnology.

Speaker at national and local congresses.

Author-Co-author of numerous scientific publications.


* From 2002 to 2012 member of the scientific committee of the "Italian Forum of Dermoscopy and Skin Imaging".

** Over 3,000 dermato-surgery operations for skin neoplasms in critical sites (face, scalp).


Clinic hours: 

Monday: 3 - 6 pm
Thursday: 9 am - 12 pm

Why I am so passionate about skin:

reflections from 37 years of professional experience

The skin is a complex organ and dermatology is the discipline that deals with the multiplicity of skin functions and its pathologies: not only specific skin diseases such as eczema, acne, allergies, immunological and inflammatory diseases, infections (including sexually transmitted infections), tumours, etc., but also the skin involvement of internal diseases (e.g. diabetes, gout), oncological, vascular and even psychosomatic diseases.
Our skin is not only a border, a protection, a passive barrier against the environment and its various agents, but it performs several sophisticated and precise functions of interchange between the outside world and the inside of our body. This has only been progressively demonstrated in the last 20 years; the interrelationships and interconnections between the skin and other organs (e.g. intestines and lungs) are also becoming apparent.

Again: our skin is also an ecosystem, which has its own particular and delicate environments with peculiar microclimates (e.g. fold areas); it hosts microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and others). These are normal guests, just as we are guests on our planet. This ecosystem changes during the various stages of our lives (childhood, puberty, maturity and old age) and depending on the 'lifestyle', in the broadest sense, that we lead. Therefore, this ecosystem needs different attention and care depending on the stage it is in.
All this evidence outlines the basis of modern, holistic dermatological therapy, whether topical or systemic.
What has been said so far also allows us to understand that, in addition to the structural, physical barrier (the keratin and lipid layer), the skin also possesses complex, precise and surprising cellular, neural and immunological protective mechanisms, capable of coping with the potentially harmful consequences of inappropriate exposure to environmental agents, to mitigate their effects and repair any damage. However, only to a certain extent, as protective mechanisms have their limits of effectiveness and efficiency, which vary individually and according to skin type. If these limits are exceeded, damage occurs (e.g. sunburn). Repeated damage leads to negative consequences.


In conclusion: just as each of us takes care of a precious material good, so too each of us should take care of our skin, respecting and caring for it.
An elegant dress is only worn on important occasions.
Our skin dresses us every day.

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Information on executable services

-Dermatological initial visit including dermoscopy/video dermoscopy
-Removal of foreign bodies and removal/ablation (also by means of cryotherapy) of small skin lesions (e.g. seborrhoeic keratoses, pedunculated fibromas, lentigo, actinic keratoses)
-Removal/ablation of small skin lesions without skin sutures (e.g. seborrhoeic keratoses, pedunculated fibromas)
-Incision/extraction of boils, cysts, etc.
-Infiltration of keloids/hypertrophic scars


Dermatological surgical services:

-Skin biopsy with aesthetic suturing and initial dressing.
-Radical removal of a skin lesion (e.g. in case of suspected nevus, skin tumour)

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