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the first thermal bath worldwide that got the certification

Terme Merano was certified by EarthCheck as a sustainable tourist structure

Terme Merano now bears the mark of EarthCheck, internationally leading benchmarking and certification program for the tourism industry.
This makes Terme Merano the world's first spa to receive the prestigious sustainability seal. "This means that all decisions are reviewed according to the criteria of sustainability for their impact on the environment, resources and investments," explains Therme Merano president Stefan Thurin. In this way, Terme Merano continues to live up to its role as a leading company and role model.
For Terme Merano, it is an important milestone for its strategic orientation in terms of sustainability. The process of sustainability certification will be continued in order to achieve the next higher status.


Sustainability as the overriding principle


When a tourist structure wears an EarthCheck certification badge, it is obvious that it has undergone a rigorous, scientifically based and human-centered sustainability certification process. For consumers, this means that a tourism offer that has been checked by EarthCheck stands for sustainability and that they can make a conscious decision in this sense. Through the certification process, Terme Merano has implemented the right tools to align the management of its infrastructure in terms of environmental impact, resource conservation and investment awareness. The Terra Institute from Bressanone was on hand throughout the entire process of over 3 years.

Stewart Moore, CEO and founder of EarthCheck congratulates the entire team of Terme Merano on their achievement: "Terme Merano has taken a significant leadership position in sustainability. By working with EarthCheck, Terme Merano has joined other industry leaders in taking meaningful steps to address current issues facing our planet."

Sustainability criteria have been in place at Terme Merano for a number of years. This is not just about avoiding plastic, but rather sustainable alternatives in all areas of the company: this starts with environmentally friendly printer cartridges, from products from sustainable and local cultivation to QR codes that avoid unnecessary printing on paper.

A prime example is the recently realized Bio Nature Pool in the Thermal Park: a natural swimming pond that uses the principles of the natural cycle and does completely without chemicals and disinfectants, draws energy from its own photovoltaic system - and all this was implemented with regional partners.

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Earth Check Silver Certified 2023

As of June 2023, Terme Merano is officially the first terme in the world to be certified by EarthCheck.

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