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Welcome to your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy!

Holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy are an experience for all the senses. The city located in the heart of South Tyrol with 40,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in the province of Bolzano/Bozen. The population speaks German and Italian and are divided equally between the two languages, which gives the city a unique flair. Cuisine, culture, and lifestyle are shaped by both languages and have grown together to form a harmonious whole. Holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy promise a very special variety of experiences, impressions, and memories.

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Location and climate

Situated on the southside of the Alps, Merano/Meran is both Alpine and Mediterranean. The high mountains of the Texel Group protect the city from the cold and rain from the north. The wide-open position invites the Mediterranean climate in. It is not surprising that the city enjoys over 300 days of sunshine a year. Perfect for sunny holidays in Merano/Meran in the north of Italy – between the palms and the mountain peaks.

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History and the old town

Already in Roman times, the settlement “Castrum Maiense” was well-known. Merano/Meran itself was first mentioned in 857 as “Mairania” and has since then experienced an amazing development. In the 12th century, as the centre of the county Tyrol. And at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as a sophisticated spa resort because Empress Sissi spent several holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy.

Today, the medieval arcades in the old town are a must for every holiday in Merano/Meran. Here, there are countless shops and the picturesque squares and cafés are the best place to get in the mood for your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy.

Promenades and mountains

The Passirio/Passer river flows through the middle of Merano/Meran in north Italy, along the banks picturesque promenades invite you to stroll. Magnificent flower beds enchant from early summer to late autumn and idyllic benches invite you to pause and reflect. In addition, a walk along the beautiful Tappeinerweg trail is a must for your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy! Here, there is an amazing variety of plants and the best view over the rooftops of the city. And of course, there are countless possibilities from Merano/Meran to explore the surrounding mountains. From easy walks to challenging hiking tours. Enjoy holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy for active experiences in nature.


A walk through the city takes you past many sights that every holidaymaker should see in Merano/Meran: the Kurhaus, a magnificent Art Nouveau building on the Passirio/Passer Promenade, the Prince’s Castle Merano/Meran in the heart of the city, the Post Bridge, and Theatre Bridge across the Passirio/Passer river and the Via Portici, where Merano/Meran life pulsates. Of course, the Terme Merano, with itsattractive architecture has also become a landmark of the city – and makes your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy a feel-good experience all year round.

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Museums and markets

For those interested in culture, there is a lot to discover during your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy. The city museum in the baroque Palais Mamming shows an overview of the historical development of the city. The museum of the Prince’s Castle gives an insight into the late medieval life in the former aristocratic residence. The Women’s Museum specialises in the history of culture and everyday life from a female perspective. At the Kunst Meran, works of contemporary art are shown in changing exhibitions. And in the Touriseum, the 200-year-old tourism history of South Tyrol is told.

Every Friday, there is plenty to discover at the large Friday market on Piazzale Prader: fruit and plants, leather goods, and clothing – and souvenirs to remind you of your holidays in Merano/Meran in north Italy. There are also weekly farmers’ markets, monthly flea markets, and at Christmas time, the famous Merano/Meran Christmas Market.

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