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Shopping in Merano/Meran, Italy

There’s something for everyone

Shopping in Merano/Meran, Italy stands for fashion, South Tyrolean specialities, and traditional handicrafts. This is a great way to spend a whole day in Merano/Meran. Because here, you will surely find a piece that reminds you of the time in Merano/Meran, Italy.

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But before shopping: coffee!

A shopping day in Merano/Meran, Italy naturally begins with an authentic cappuccino, café espresso, or latte macchiato. When it comes to coffee, Merano/Meran shows off its Italian side. And that’s a good thing, because that’s how the roasted beans taste best. Bars and cafés are everywhere in Merano/Meran. The Café Darling offers the most beautiful spot directly on the Passirio/Passer river and a large selection of magazines. But the most beautiful view of the dreamlike thermal park and real piazza feeling can be found on the terrace of the Bistro Terme Merano. Afterwards, shoppingin Meran/Merano can begin!

Shopping in Merano/Meran: the outdoor markets

300 sunny days make shopping in Merano/Meran a pleasure, even outdoors. The many markets offer a great opportunity to experience Merano/Meran. Above all, the traditional Friday market around Piazza Prader and on Via Mainardo, which with around 300 stands is one of the largest markets in South Tyrol. In addition to clothes, shoes and leather goods, food, fruit, vegetables, and plants are offered here all year round.

The Merano/Meran market on the upper Corso della Libertàstreet takes place every Saturday morning from mid-March to mid-October. Only food produced in South Tyrol and handicraft products are sold here.

During the holiday season, it’s Christmas shopping time in Merano/Meran. The enchanting Merano/Meran Christmas Market on the Passeggiata Lungopassirio, the Piazza della Rena,and the Piazza Terme is one of the most beautiful in South Tyrol. In addition to local handicrafts, glassblowing, and woodcarving, there are numerous culinary stands to discover.

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The arcades: the most beautiful place to shop

Shopping in Merano/Meran at the medieval Via Portici, one shop follows another. The arcades consist of two rows of houses with arcades and several passages that make shopping in Merano/Meran a varied experience. The people of Merano/Meran distinguish their pergolas depending on street-side: The pergola in the direction of the Passiria/Passer river is called “Wasserlauben” which means water arcades in German. The pergola in the direction of the Küchelberg is called “Berglauben” or mountain arcades. Via Portici stretches over a length of 400 metres and connects the Piazza Duomo with the Piazza del Grano. Here, you will find everything you could wish for a varied shopping day in Merano/Meran: small, fine boutiques, traditional shops which have been there for years, specialist dealers for arts and crafts, and major international brands. In between, cafés and restaurants invite you to take a break and enjoy refreshments.

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You can’t miss a detour to the Corso della Libertà street

Parallel to Via Portici runs the magnificent Corso della Libertà, a must while shopping in Merano/Meran. Several passages connect the “water arcades” with the Corso della Libertà street, which you can easily overlook if you stroll in the middle of the arbours. However, they are worth the search: here are true surprises that will be sure to add to the shopping experience in Merano/Meran. In the upper “water arcades”, for example, there is the Kurhaus Passage, which was built as part of an old town redevelopment project and stylishly combines old and new elements. At the Corso della Libertà street, numerous shops once again prove how versatile shopping is in Merano/Meran. Afterwards, we recommend a glass of Prosecco, for example in the cocktail bar Rossini, to toast a successful shopping day in Merano/Meran.

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