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The rates at Terme Merano

What’ll it be for you? Admission to the pools? Or to the pools and the saunas? How much time would you like to stay? Here, you will find all the options and prices for your visit to Terme Merano.


A reservation is only possible via the smartphone and the app (


Bonus ticket 10 + 3 free with direct access, no queuing at the ticket office, as admission type and duration are already defined in advance. 10 admissions with 3 free ones in addition. Not transferable. 


Terme Merano reserves the right not to sell or redeem day tickets or family tickets on rainy days.


Please note that during the Christmas period (4 December - 12 December and 26 December to 5 January) only 3-hour tickets are valid at the Christmas rate.


On the following days only 2/3 hour tickets will be sold: 27.11, 28.11, 18.12, 19.12, 24.12, 06.01, 08.01, 09.01.


Monday - Friday

 Thermal bathsThermal baths & sauna
AdultChild (4-13 years)Adult
2 hours€ 14.00€ 10.00€ 20.00
3 hours€ 16.00€ 11.00€ 22.00
Day pass€ 22.00€ 14.00€ 28.00


 Thermal bathsThermal baths & sauna
AdultChild (4-13 years)Adult
2 hours16.0012.0022.00
3 hours 18.0013.0024.00
Day Pass24.0016.0030.00


Rates include VAT and apply until further notice. 

For children under 3, the admission is free. Children up to the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the pools.

The saunas are nude area. Admission from the age of 14. From 14 to 18 years accompanied by an adult.

During Christmas period: no day tickets are available, from the third hour, a surcharge of 10 euros per hour for adults and 5 euros per hour for children are applied.

Family ticket

Winter and Summer

A family of at least 3 persons (including at least 1 adult and 1 child up to 13 years) pays € 37 for a day ticket.

€ 6 is charged for each additional child. 

Summer: Valid from 15 May to 19 September from Monday to Sunday.

Winter: Valid from 20 September to 14 May from Monday to Friday. Excludes public holidays, holiday periods according to the South Tyrolean school calendar, rainy days and the Christmas period.

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