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Terme Merano Medical Area

"Health is not everything,

but without health everything is nothing."


We are currently realising how true this is... Health means quality of life! 


That is why we have realised an important project in recent months and are very pleased to be the first to inform you: A new health centre, the Terme Merano Medical Area, is going to open soon at Terme Merano. An outstanding team of doctors and specialists will offer excellent medical services in these specialist areas in the friendly ambience of Terme Merano:



  • Medical visit
  • Removal of earwax
  • Endoscopy - Examination of the throat and nasal area with a flexible rubber tube or rigid metal tube
  • Audiometry (hearing test) - Examination procedure that checks the function of the hearing.
  • Vestibular examination (balance test) - various methods that check the function of the sense of balance.



  • Medical visit
  • Regenerative and antalgic infiltrations of the musculoskeletal systemExamination and
  • Treatment of wrist arthrosis - Pain, paraesthesias and tendon pathologies of the hand
  • Orthopaedic ultrasound diagnostics


Aesthetic medicine

  • Treatment of facial wrinkles with Botox, filler and skinbooster (stabilised hyaluronic acid formulation).
  • Treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat production) with Botox
  • Double chin treatment - an injectable medication that can reduce fat under the chin and redefine the contour of the jaw, eliminating the double chin without surgery
  • Scar correction with cortisone


Sports medicine

  • Medical visit
  • Examination under stress - cycle ergometer test (cyclette)


Nutritional counselling

  • Nutritional counselling for athletes as well as for all people who want to feel well



  • Physiotherapy (rehabilitation of functional and painful complaints)
  • Physiotherapy in water
  • Physiotherapy in the Fitness Centre


Medical Director: Dr. Salvatore Lo Cunsolo, Medical Director of Terme Merano.

All doctors of the Terme Merano Medical Area offer their visits in German as well as in Italian.


At a later stage, specialised services in dermatology, cardiology and vascular surgery will also be offered.


What makes us special?


High quality & appointments at short notice

The Terme Merano Medical Area is characterised by great professional and human competence. Our experienced team of doctors is broadly based and offers a wide range of first-class medical services in six specialist areas. We also attribute great importance to making short-term appointments possible, thus offering an alternative to the often long waiting times in the public health system. 


Our synergy concept

The Medical Area's team of doctors can work together with other areas of the Terme Merano. (e.g. Fitness Centre, MySpa or Inhalations) for special treatments, thus benefiting from unique synergy effects. 


Central & easily accessible

The bright, friendly practice rooms of the Terme Merano Medical Area are located on the first floor of Terme Merano. Thanks to its central location with adjacent parking garage, the Terme Merano Medical Area is easy and quick to reach.


Appointments & visits

The office hours of our doctors are still to be announced. As soon as the opening date of the Terme Merano Medical Area is fixed, visits can be booked by e-mail ( and online on the portal

Administrative coordinator: Dr. Sandra Zambianco.


The new Terme Merano Medical Area will open as soon as the Covid 19 situation allows. We will keep you informed.

See you soon... and stay healthy!

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