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Body treatments at Terme Merano: from head to toe

Variety, quality, and competence

The body treatments at Terme Merano have been created with you in mind, so that you can enjoy the best possible benefits. It is said that the body is the temple. Peels, wraps, physiotherapy, pressotherapy: there are so many ways to treat your body right and to pamper your mind, your body, and your soul.

Pressotherapy with fango (mud)
Price: 49,00 €
Pressotherapy with fango (mud)

A special pressotherapy programme, tailored to you, is combined with a cool, mineral-rich mudpack that enriched with local horse chestnuts, hay extract and mint, has a detoxifying and anti-swelling effect and can even help fight the appearance of external cellulite. The metabolism is stimulated, while tired legs again feel fresh and light as a feather. Can you already feel the gentle tingling sensation?

Duration: 35 mins

Foot dream deluxe
Price: 69,00 €
Foot dream deluxe

Seventh heaven for your feet… Imagine: pedicure, exfoliation, active ingredients pack, a relaxing, soothing massage… No, it’s not a dream! And the best is yet to come: the treatment is perfectly tailored to you and your needs as there are several options to choose from: detoxifying, nourishing or with callus peeling for particularly stubborn hard skin.

Duration: 65 minutes

Price: 45,00 €

Honey-wheyflower salt:

The combination of detoxifying Alpine honey, the nourishing effect of vitamin- and mineral-rich South Tyrolean organic whey and soothing flower essences in this exfoliation produce a purifying effect and a very delicate skin feeling.

South Tyrolean marble sand:

The fine sand made from marble from the Vinschgau Valley cleans and smoothes the skin, stimulates the blood circulation and increases the regenerative power of the skin.

South Tyrolean grape salt:

Precious resveratrol from the skin of the grape is regarded as a natural antioxidant and offers high cell protection against environmental influences. Your skin will be full of freshness!

Duration: 35 minutes

Exfoliation and Softpack body treatment by your choice
Price: 69,00 €
Exfoliation and Softpack body treatment by your choice

Combine your preferred exfoliation with a Softpack body treatment.

Choose between exfoliation with South Tyrolean marble sand, Honey-whey-flower-salt and South Tyrolean grape salt and between the Softpack treatment with either South Tyrolean edelweiss or South Tyrolean apple.

Duration: 50 minutes

Body treatments in theSoftpack
Price: 39,00 €
Body treatments in theSoftpack

The Softpack application uses nourishing creams, soothing oils, herbs, flowers and leaves, all freshly mixed and applied to the entire body. Then you are wrapped in two layers of film and the bed you are lying on is lowered into a water bath.

Choose between extracts of South Tyrolean edelweiss and South Tyrolean apple.

Duration: 20 minutes

Intesive back treatment with South Tyrolean Alpine honey
Price: 72,00 €
Intesive back treatment with South Tyrolean Alpine honey

The “nectar of the gods”, as the Greeks called honey, develops its full effects in this treatment: detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and nourishing. A special massage technique promotes the blood circulation and works on the connective tissue, while the reflex zones on the back are stimulated. A final intensive back massage focuses on particular deep tension points.

Duration: 45 minutes

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