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11.05. - 15.09.2019

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Advent & Christmas at Terme Merano


Dear friends of Terme Merano,

Many of you are already planning your Christmas visit to Terme Merano or to the Kugln... But there are so many questions! We want to help you answer your questions as best we can!

No matter whether it's Advent or Christmas, Terme Merano always has a large number of visitors. In order to avoid long waiting times and to give everyone the opportunity to visit the Therme, there are only certain tickets available for purchase.


But first, here are the 2 most important questions and explanations:

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What is the Advent season at Terme Merano?

Advent is from 25 November to 25 December (excluding the weekend of 8-10 December).


What kind of tickets are available during Advent?

  • Weekdays: possibility of 2, 3 and day tickets at weekday price.
  • Weekends: only 2- and 3-hour tickets at weekend price
    • Surcharge for each additional hour::
      • Adults: 10€ for pools & 12€ for pools & sauna
      • Children: 5€ for pools
  • during Advent (weekdays & weekends) we recommend an online reservation via our app

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What is the Christmas season at Terme Merano?

The Christmas period is valid with us on the weekend of 8-10 December and from 26 December to 7 January.


What kind of tickets are available during the Christmas period

  • There are only 3-hour tickets available at the Christmas rate.
    • Surcharge for each additional hour:
      • Adults: €10 for pools & €12 for pools & sauna.
      • Children: 5€ for pools
  • during the Christmas period, tickets must be purchased & reserved on our app!

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What are the opening hours for the pools?

No matter whether it's Advent or Christmas time:
Terme Merano is open daily from 9am to 9pm, except:

on 24 December: 9am to 1pm &
on 31 December: 9am to 5pm

What are the opening hours for the sauna?

During Advent:
Sauna on weekdays: 2pm to 9pm
Sauna on weekends: 10am to 9pm

During the Christmas period (8-10 December & 26 December to 7 January):
Daily from 10am to 9pm

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