Outdoor Pools

outdoor swimming Merano

Summer fun at the Terme Merano/Therme Meran outdoor pools

An idyllic complex of outdoor pools in Merano/Meran is without a doubt the outdoor area at Terme Merano/Therme Meran. The 10 pools, which are situated in the green oasis of the 52,000 m² spa park and are only open in the summer (15 May to 15 September), provide welcome refreshment and cooling down on hot days:

  • Full-length pool (25°C), solar heating
  • Non-swimmers' pool (28°C), solar heating
  • Children's pool (28°C), solar heating
  • Bathing trail with Kneipp pools (34°C – 18°C)
  • Spring bath (34°C)
  • Flume (34°C)
  • Cold and hot pools (18°C – 34°C)
  • Cold water pool (25°C)

The vast park with its well maintained lawns and partly very old, precious trees is a place where you can sunbathe undisturbed, relax in the shade or watch the turtles in the water lily pond. The palm tree and rose gardens also accentuate the park's Mediterranean flair.

The outdoor pools at Terme Merano/Therme Meran are probably among the most well looked after outdoor pools in South Tyrol with a full-length pool, non-swimmers' pool, children's pool, bathing trail with Kneipp pools, spring bath, flume as well as cold and hot pools. An underground steam bath, waterfall, rock geysers and power showers are also harmoniously integrated into the spa park grounds.

Enjoy whiling away the hours in summer in this outdoor pool complex in Merano/Meran, in a quiet, idyllic and Mediterranean ambience with magical views over the surrounding Texel Group Alpine mountains.