Indoor Pools

swimming Merano

Let yourself be carried by the thermal waters.

Chilling out and relaxing in the indoor pool at Terme Merano/Therme Meran is possible thanks to the 15 pools open all year round:

  • 240 m² main pool (34°C)
  • Brine pool (35°C) with added sea salt
  • Hot and cold pools (37°C – 18°C)
  • Thermal pool (33°C) with low radon concentration
  • Children's pool (34°C)
  • Whirlpools (37°C)

The pools that are open all year round are for the most part inside the thermal baths, as well as the different chill-out areas. Thanks to the cube's huge glass fronts you can gaze out into the spa park and look over the surrounding countryside and enjoy this sense of vast spaciousness.

This indoor pool in South Tyrol, which has selected design elements and is lit up atmospherically just by light globes and rings attached to the ceiling in the evening, is a place of relaxation. The chill-out area in the wooden cube also sees to this. On the loungers inside you enjoy total peace and quiet and are completely undisturbed – that's what makes the indoor pool at Terme Merano/Therme Meran so appealing.

The steam bath and brine inhalation, which are situated on the same level as our indoor pool in South Tyrol, can be used at no charge for the sauna complex and can be entered in swimwear.