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Exercise together and lose weight

Everything is better together

Anyone who has ever tried it, knows how difficult it is: losing weight alone requires a lot of discipline and patience. But, have you ever thought about participating in a programme to lose weight? With the “Leichter Leben” group programme of Terme Merano, you can lose weight together with the other participants. Discipline is also part of it; fortunately, the group dynamics provide an enormous motivation boost. And the support of our experienced team of experts guarantees that you can lose weight the right way. “Leichter Leben” is about sustainable weight reduction through a healthy lifestyle: healthy nutrition, regular exercise, and behavioural training. Enjoy the spa treatments and lose weight. For a life with less weight and more joy!

Losing weight can be fun!

Joint cooking seminars, regular group meetings, and individual support. The participants of “Leichter Leben” get prepared for their new life with less weightTogether with professionals who can answer all your questions: which dishes are low in calories but still tasty? How do I fight my inner weakness? And which fitness training promises the greatest success? It’s not just about weight loss – it’s about a healthier, fitter life. Many years of “Leichter Leben” show: it is worth the time and effort!


“Leichter Leben”, the programme for weight reduction, starts every year in January and lasts until mid-October. It is aimed at people aged 16 and over with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 25. Come to Terme Merano, relax, exercise, and lose weight – all under one roof.


Leichter Leben 2020:

Programme begins: 13/01/2019

Programme ends: 31.12.2020

You can take part in the programme at any time.


Information and registration:

Tel. +39 0473 252 000

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