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South Tyrolean honey steam bath

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South Tyrolean honey steam bath

in the sauna area at Terme Merano

...the sweet scent of South Tyrolean honey...
...the relaxing hum of the bees...
...the atmospheric play of light...

...all this is available in our new South Tyrolean honey steam bath where you can enjoy a relaxing honey infusion at temperatures between 42° and 45° C and a soothing honey peeling. The hexagonal honeycomb cells offer a seat in the steam bath amidst the scent of 100% South Tyrolean honey. 
Its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties also have an invigorating and deep-cleansing effect thanks to its content of enzymes, vitamins and trace elements.

What are you waiting for? Our little bees are already looking forward to seeing you :) 

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