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11.05. - 15.09.2019
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Bio Nature Pool

The new nature swimming pond

The summer season at Terme Merano traditionally begins on 13 May, when the thermal park with its outdoor pools reopens. This year, visitors can look forward to an additional highlight: the new Bio Nature Pool will be opened and invites you to bathe in naturally pure water.


During the winter months, part of the huge water lily pond was fenced off and transformed into a natural pool that does not need any chemicals at all. An elaborate filter system ensures permanently crystal-clear water that remains completely natural. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the skin of the bathers. The soft water is completely odourless without disinfectants and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

The two biological filter pools are filled with special filter materials such as lime gravel, which are constantly flushed. This removes all nutrients from the water, keeping it biologically stable and naturally clean. In addition, nearly 6,000 riparian plants have been planted to prevent nutrients from entering the water. As a result, the water in the Bio Nature Pool never needs to be changed. New fresh water is only added to compensate for water evaporation.

The new Bio Nature Pool in the thermal park is unique with its dimensions and its technically sophisticated design. Thanks to its energy-saving concept and the absence of chemical additives, it is an important step towards more sustainability.

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