Fango & Body Wraps

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The benefits of a fango wrap

After a fango wrap rheumatism and arthritis patients and also people with nervous conditions feel considerably better, as fango is a little miracle of nature. Fango contains numerous precious minerals and trace elements that together with soothing warmth gently loosen tense muscles, alleviate joint pain and induce deep relaxation.

Improve your wellbeing and treat yourself to a body wrap from the varied range on offer at Terme Merano/Therme Meran. You're also doing something good for your skin with this as it moisturises it making it feel soft and nourished. Body wraps stimulate the metabolism, regenerate cells and have a regulating effect, all of which has a positive influence on your skin's properties and of course on your personal wellbeing.

Besides a fango wrap and body wrap, the various body peelings at Terme Merano/Therme Meran ensure that your skin is soft and silky. Dead skin cells are gently removed and the active ingredients made from apples, hops, grape seeds and mountain pine make your skin shine with new freshness.

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