Garage Terme Merano Center

There is a basement car park under the grounds of Terme Merano. The car park also houses seven permanent art installations – hence the name: Garage Terme Merano Center. The unusual location inspired the artists (Integral Rudi Baur, Arnold Mario Dall’O, Eduard Demetz, Margit Klammer, Walter Niedermayr and Rudolf Stingl) to produce a range of very different interpretations.

The art drive in has parking for 560 vehicles in the immediate vicinity of the thermal baths and the town centre. Visitors to the thermal baths get one hour’s free parking. Just present your parking ticket at the main ticket office in the lobby to the baths to get it validated.

Tel. +39 0473 211 740


Hourly ticket (day)

2,50 €

Weekly ticket

77,00 €

Hourly ticket  (night)

1,50 €

Monthly ticket

180,00 €

Day ticket

20,00 €

Monthly ticket(night)

64,00 €

for events

18,00 €

Annual ticket

1.500,00 €

Saver tickets are available at prices of 30, 60 and 100 euros.